XML Registries Core of New U.S. Aviation Weather Platform

I have a new article written for SoftXML, an Israeli software company. The new USA air traffic control system called NextGen will be based on advanced GPS technology, rather than the current radar-based approach, with weather data organized around ebXML registries. See - Alan Kotok

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ebMS 3.0 and CCTS in e-Justice Large Scale Pilot project


Initial information (in German) was published on a large scale project on cross-border e-Justice data exchange in Europe that uses ebXML Messaging 3.0 (ebMS 3.0) and the UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification:    

Justizkommunikation in Europa: e‐CODEX ‐ ein Europäisches Großprojekt.


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CEN Draft CWA on Addressing and Routing Status and ebCore Party Id Type

The CEN workshop on Electronic Invoicing has produced a draft CWA on Addressing and Routing. Its recommendations include the use of meta-identification schemes and an addressing directory infrastructure. It states: 

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Cloud Computing Technologies Embrace AS4 Standard

Drummond Certified™ Program Opens Registration, Schedules 2012 AS4 Interoperability Test Round


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Drummond Group Certifies 6 New ebMS 2.0 Secure Messaging Products

Drummond Group Certifies 6 New ebMS 2.0

Secure Messaging Products


Interoperability Test Round Ushers in New Products

 from Axway, Cleo Communications, GXS and IBM


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