New Coupler ebXML Outlook at $995

eLife is now offering the new version of Coupler ebXML Outlook at $995.

with Coupler ebXML Outlook you can create data workflows & send data via ebXML

Please contact us for additional information at (reponse is within one business day).

Note: you can also add EDI features, data mapping features, AS2 and other transport features at a cost. Please contcat us to discuss that further.


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ebXML Message Service (ebMS) Adapter for BizTalk Server

Gijsbert “Gijs” in ‘t Veld writes: As of this week, the Covast ebMS Adapter for BizTalk Server has been released as a free downloadable package on (Covast is the R&D center of motion10 - - my employer).

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BoostAero ebXML for Aerospace & Defence e-business

The BoostAero initiative is using ebXML V2 for eSupplyChain exchanges between participating European and American Aerospace and Defense companies. Following the best international standardization practices, the Business Requirement Specifications have been submitted to the UN/CEFACT by the ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) and the AIA (IS Aerospace Industries Association). Three companies have so far attained certification for their ebXML products including Axway, Cleo and SRCI.  Cleo supports the AS/400 environment.

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Product Review: Sybase PowerDesigner Data Modeling

Sybase Inc.'s goals for PowerDesigner are nothing if not ambitious: a single modeling tool for tracking data definitions everywhere in an organization -- and Sybase doesn't just mean databases when it says data. Sybase PowerDesigner can also model data represented in XML schemas (including .WSDL files), process languages (BPEL and ebXML), object definition languages (Visual Basic, C#, Java, IDL-CORBA) and even .XLS files, among other choices.

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Quorum Announces Revenue Milestone, ebXML interface

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. announced today that its core recurring operational revenue continues to grow.[..]  Integration Services with General Motors continues to move forward with several key Parts integration points being released in the U.S. in February [..] Parts Invoice Parts Workbench "Parts Invoice" (U.S.) is a new ebXML interface that will all dealerships to view and print invoice reports in XSELLERATOR.

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