KeyInfo writer utility released

Axway have made available under an open source (Apache 2.0) license a utility to extract public key information from an X509 certificate. The utility builds an XML KeyInfo element as defined by .

This utility is of interest to anyone involved in managing ebXML CPAs that use certificates for signing or encryption.  This utility is used by the JustId open source CPA toolkit.



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Open source CPA toolkit

The Justitiële Informatiedienst in Almelo, the Netherlands, has released the toolkit that it developed to support management of ebXML Collaboration Protocol Agreements (CPAs) under an open source (EUPL) license. The toolkit, and previous versions of it, have been used to create and manage the CPAs for organizations in various government sectors in the Netherlands.  Hundreds of millions of ebXML messages have been exchanged based on CPAs created using the toolkit. 

The following is from


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New spec: ebCore PartyIdType

The ebCore TC is about to release a new specification for public review:  

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Open Source of ebMS V3 message handler and its AS4 profile on Sourceforge

"Holodeck", an open source version of ebXML Messaging V3 ( ) and its AS4 profile ( is now available on Sourceforge at,  with main on-line documentation page directly accessible at:

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Webswell Inc. releases a new generation of the Webswell Business Hub B2B integration platform.

Webswell Business Hub 3 is an ideal solution for heterogeneous groups of companies or company units that need to interchange business information with each other. It is possible to interconnect virtually anyone to anyone, regardless the supported protocol or technology - the Business Hub implements ebXML, Web Services and AS2 standards and EDI or XML data formats.

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