SEEBURGER Releases ebXML Message Service Adapter for Its EDI Platforms

ORLANDO, Fla. (May 5, 2008) - SEEBURGER Inc. today released an ebXML Message Service (ebMS) adapter for its suite of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions, including the standalone SEEBURGER Business Integration Server as well as the SEEBURGER EDI add-on for use with the SAP NetWeaver® Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) offering. The new adapter, available immediately from SEEBURGER, is designed for organizations that are adopting the ebMS communications protocolneutral method for exchanging electronic business messages.

Today’s announcement was made at the SAPPHIRE® 2008 Orlando conference, where SEEBURGER is exhibiting in booth #2000. ebMS is the messaging services specification for ebXML, an e-business framework intended to create a global electronic marketplace where enterprises of any size and in any industry can conduct business with each other through the exchange of XMLbased messages. Developed under the auspices of the United Nations (UN/CEFACT) and the standards organization OASIS, the ebXML architecture is expected to EDI enable small and mid-sized businesses as well as large, minimize the cost of configuring and maintaining B2B communications, and provide an open platform to simplify and promote the conduct of global electronic business.

The Mosaic Company, one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients for the global agriculture industry, has selected SEEBURGER’s ebXML HTTP Adapter for SAP NetWeaver PI as the tool to exchange messages with key agricultural manufacturers and distributors as part of the Crop Nutrition Connectivity (CNC) project. The project’s objective is to streamline the crop nutrient supply chain by developing industry-designed processes and connecting electronically using an industry-standard set of messaging tools and web services.

Other consortiums that are moving to the ebMS specification for message transport include papiNET, a group dedicated to establishing and maintaining global electronic business transaction standards for the paper and forest industry, and RosettaNet, the consortium dedicated to the development and deployment of e-business standards for the IT industry.

“ebXML and its ebMS message transport protocol are emerging as a potentially important force in e-business, so it was imperative that we support ebMS to ensure that we can continue to meet all of our customers’ EDI and B2B needs,” said Bill Reeves, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, SEEBURGER Inc. “We have a long-standing commitment to providing connectivity for any communication protocol, file format, database, platform, ERP system and other relevant standards and systems, and this new adapter again fulfills that pledge.”

Like all SEEBURGER components and adapters, the new ebMS/ebXML adapter was developed in-house to provide a one-platform EDI/B2B architecture that ensures compatibility, provides a common work environment, and simplifies maintenance across the extended supply chain. SEEBURGER also offers over 60 adapters for SFTP, FTP/s, AS2 and other communications protocols.

SEEBURGER’s core EDI/B2B technology is available either in the company’s Business Integration Server (BIS), the only middleware solution capable of integrating 100% of an organization’s applications and trading partners including smaller customers and suppliers that still do business on paper; or SEEBURGER’s EDI add-on for use with SAP NetWeaver PI, an adapter that integrates natively with the SAP NetWeaver platform and thereby eliminates the need for a standalone EDI application. Both solutions support all global trading requirements with a single B2B gateway, aiding global enterprises that wish to simplify their technology infrastructure by standardizing on one B2B solution for all offices.


SEEBURGER is a leading provider of global business integration solutions designed to optimize transactions throughout the extended enterprise by automating trading relationships with all partners regardless of their size and technical resources.

Launched in 1986 to provide integration solutions to the automotive industry in Germany, the company today is ranked among the top business-to-business gateway providers by top industry analysts, and serves more than 7,500 customers in more than 50 countries and more than 15 industries through its flagship B2B Gateway and related products and services. SEEBURGER has global offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, including a U.S. office that opened in 1998. For more information, visit

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