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Dutch energy sector formally approves AS4 Energy Market Profile

The Dutch energy sector has formally approved a specification of AS4 as communication protocol in the Dutch national energy market.

The “AS4 Energiemarkt Profiel” (AS4 Energy Market Profile) can now be used and distributed.

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Testing the Asynchronous AS4 Option for the e-Health Domain

The next European Connectathon will take place in 8 to 12 of April 2019 in Rennes, France. The Asynchronous AS4 Option for Profiles such as XCA (Cross-community Access) and XCPD (Cross-community Patient Discovery) is on the testing agenda. Several participants are registered to test their implementations.

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IHE Publishes Asynchronous AS4 Supplement

IHE International has published an Asynchronous AS4 Option for the e-Health domain. This option supports use of AS4 for existing Profiles such as XCA (Cross-community Access) and XCPD (Cross-community Patient Discovery).




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Drummond Group’s AS4 Interoperability Testing Certifies Four Products

Axway, IBM, OpenText, and RSSBus earn AS4-4Q17 certification 

Austin, TX - October 24, 2017

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EASEE-gas recommends migration from AS2 to OASIS AS4 and ebCore AU

EASEE-gas, the European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange – gas, published the Common Business Practice (CBP) document 2017-001/01 on Message Transmission Protocol for Document Exchange.

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