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Services provides a central location for providers to describe available services that support ebXML. Users are invited to share experiences or advice using the "add comment" link that appears at the bottom of each listing.

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ebXML and NBN Gateway Services: bas2eServices

NBN Gateway Overview


The Base2Services NBN Gateway is an enterprise grade scalable solution that meets all specification requirement under ebMS 2.0, providing trading partner management, non-repudiation, secured, signed, encrypted, and guaranteed delivery.

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Webswell Inc. - Freebxml Registry/Repository support service

  • Installation and configuration of registry and repository together with configuration and customization.
  • Building heterogeneous distributed registries.
  • Content management - creating user-defined, multi-level classification schemes of registry content.
  • Designing queries to registry and repository based on classification schemes, ad-hoc queries and keyword queries.
  • Creating interfaces for Registry/Repository objects handling from your applications.
  • Outsourcing and hosting - we are able to host whole registry/repository solution on

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