Drummond Group ebMS 2.0 Interoperability Test

All testing is done over the Internet.
8 Jul 2009 (All day) - 4 Sep 2009 (All day)
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The interoperability of ebMS systems within numerous industries is critical to the growth of today’s marketplace. These systems’ ability to interoperate ensures their capabilities to exchange information efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

This test starts July 8th is run by Drummond Group who tests and certifies a software product's ability to interoperate with the other products in the test.  This upcoming ebMS 2.0 Interop will be the ninth test event for this particular standard.

For a complete previously certified product listing for ebMS 2.0, please review: http://www.drummondgroup.com/html-v2/ebXML-companies.html

For more information on ebMS 2.0 standards and test profiles, please review: http://www.drummondgroup.com/html-v2/ebxml.html

For a definition of interoperability testing, please review:





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