Final Conference eBIZ-TCF Project -- A single e-language for the supply chain of the European Textile, Clothing & Footwear indus

20 Oct 2009 - 10:00 - 21 Oct 2009 - 14:00
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[NOTE references to ebXML, UBL]


Bruxelles, October 20-21 2009, PLAZA Hotel.

In the conference will be possible to meet the experiences made by the 13 pilots implementing eBIZ-TCF architecture around Europe and to have first hand information about how European institutions and the stakholders of the sectors intend to tackle the objective of eBusiness harmonisation.

eBIZ-TCF ( is a 2 years 'cooperation' project started in
2008 and launched by the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) to foster eBusiness processes adoption by the European textile, clothing and footwear industry (TCF) and promoted by Euratex together with CEC, ENEA and other relevant actors like GS1.

The eBIZ-TCF architecture is a sectorial interoperability framework and has its core on established standards and reference architectures (Moda-ML/TexWeave, Shoenet/CecMadeShoes/FINEC, UBL profiles for TCF, ebXML CPPA, GS1 GTIN, GS1 GLN).

Speakers will include high-level representatives of the EC (DG Enterprise), the involved industry and retail sectors, ICT providers and standardisation bodies.

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