Drummond Group’s AS4 Interoperability Testing Certifies Four Products

Axway, IBM, OpenText, and RSSBus earn AS4-4Q17 certification 

Austin, TX - October 24, 2017

Drummond Group announces the latest four software applications are AS4 Drummond Certified™. This is the fifth AS4 test and certification event carried out by the trusted leader in interoperability software testing. Software applications from Axway, IBM, OpenText, and RSSBus participated in this vendor-neutral test event.

Drummond Group’s AS4 interoperability testing is based on a proven test methodology developed to ensure that different products can work together to seamlessly exchange information using Web Services from any location, anywhere in the world. In addition to enabling interoperability for technologies such as cloud computing, AS4 is an emerging Internet messaging protocol that provides a standardized method for secure and document-agnostic exchange of B2B payloads. AS4 is being adopted globally, especially in Europe, as the messaging standard for secure message exchange.

“We commend these four global organizations for recognizing the importance of AS4 interoperability and the benefit it brings for high-level security as organizations exchange highly sensitive documents using AS4,” said Aaron Gomez, Director of B2B Certification at Drummond Group. “We see the adoption of AS4 picking up in 2018, especially in Europe. Drummond Group will continue to offer a vendor-neutral environment to drive global interoperability to the global marketplace especially for European initiatives in 2018.”

For more information on future AS4 Interoperability testing, please send an email to info2@drummondgroup.comto set up a call with one of Drummond Group's experts.

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