E-CODEX Infrastructure supports Exchange of Criminal Justice Data between Belgium, Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia

The new e-CODEX Pilot EURegio started between Belgium, Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia on March 17th 2014 in Aachen. The ministers of justice of the participating countries (Turtelboom (BE), Kutschaty (DE) and Opstelten (NL)) made the proposal for electronic cooperation and officially started the digitalisation of data exchange for criminal matters on March 17th 2014 in Aachen.

Using the e-CODEX solutions, infrastructure, technical building blocks and further piloting experiences, the new pilot is a cooperation between the “Tri-national working group on digitalisation of EURegios’ cross-border communication in criminal matters” and e-CODEX.

Until today, there was no digital communication channel. Cooperation in terms of requests for legal assistance, follow-up correspondence and enquiries for information took place via traditional channels, i.e. post or fax. e-CODEX is now introducing a system that enables high-speed digital exchange of criminal data in a sustainable way. This new secure data transmission channel makes justice faster and improves the cooperation of national judicial authorities.

The e-CODEX infrastructure is based on the ebMS3/AS4 open standards. Member states use conformant (open source or commercial) software products to connect to other countries in the e-CODEX community.
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