ENTSOG 2nd AS4 Communication Protocol Workshop - presented material available

ENTSOG (the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas) has published the material presented at its second AS4 Communication Protocol Workshop.  The workshop was an interactive workshop for stakeholders to discuss implementation issues and experiences.

In the introduction, the implementation of AS4 following Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/703 was presented, an overview was given of the first ENTSOG AS4 Interoperability Proof-of-Concept (in 2014) and the updates in 2015 on the ENTSOG Usage Profile were presented.

In the second slot on AS4 implementation an overview was given of ENTSOG work on certificate management and exchange (which will use the upcoming Agreement Update specification of the OASIS ebCore Technical Committee), and a new work item on automating configuration management. An overview was also given of available AS4 solutions, other communities adopting AS4 and work on AS4 testing. 

In the afternoon, presentations were given by seven vendors and two Transmission System Operators. The vendors presenting were Axway, Virtimo AG (partner of Bosch SI), eBluePrint, Ponton, Seeburger, N/Software and Flame. The TSOs presenting were Fluxys (Belgium) and SNAM (Italy).


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