ENTSOG Specifications for AS4

ENTSOG has published two new AS4-related documents and updated its specification for AS4.

A document  Setting up an AS4 system is aimed at users that need to set up the AS4 protocol in their organisations 26 and need a basic understanding of how B2B communication using AS4 fits in IT environments. It explains, at a high level, the concepts of communication using the AS4 protocol, describes the communication layer in an AS4 data exchange and explains the concept of a B2B Gateway. Some general requirements on B2B gateways are presented and the benefits of using a B2B gateway are explained. Finally, a sample deployment scenario is presented. The purpose of this document is to provide general high-level information on B2B document exchange and its position in the enterprise IT landscape. Furthermore, it describes key steps that organisations need to take to implement AS4 in their organisation.

The Usage Profile was updated.

  • The values for Service and Action are defined. The Service reflects the business process the message relates to and a default Action is used.
  • The requirement for Two Way MEPs is dropped, as it is not needed in the forseeable future.
  • The AgreementRef element is required and must be used to infer the PMode. This is in anticipation of an upcoming (but not yet required) use of ebCore Agreement Update, a standard protocol for updating certificates.
  • Stated explicitly that mpc is not used.
  • Profiling of the PartInfo element, and the use of a EDIGASDocumentType part property.

Finally, an AS4 Mapping Table maps EDIGAS document metadata to AS4 metadata.

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