Quorum Completes GM Parts Workbench Integration for U.S. Dealerships

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. announced today that it has completed the 11 integration points between GM's Parts Workbench and XSELLERATOR, Quorum's  dealership management system (DMS). Each one of these integration points saves dealerships time and improves their ability to service their customers, further adding to the Quorum DMS value equation. GM's Parts Workbench is replacing the GM RAPID system for parts ordering. It takes advantage of modern technology to streamline the parts ordering, shipping, and invoicing process, making it easier for the Parts Department to do business with GM...

Parts Workbench Interfaces to Quorum's DMS:

- Parts Order Input - allows real-time processing of parts orders.

- Parts Order Inquiry - provides on-demand retrieval of parts order status giving dealers the ability to immediately see the status of their orders.

- Parts Order Maintenance - provides real-time Order Maintenance including upgrading or canceling backorders.

- Parts Invoice Inquiry - allows the user to get parts invoice information in real time direct from the order window within the XSELLERATOR DMS.

- Parts Shipment Inquiry - allows the user to get parts shipment information in real time direct from the order window within the XSELLERATOR DMS.

- Material Returns - allows real-time processing of part returns and part claims.

- Parts Information - allows the real-time on-demand retrieval of the most accurate source of GM parts information such as pricing and supersession detail.

- Parts Availability - provides real-time on-demand retrieval of up-to-date GM Parts Location and Availability information within GM distribution facilities.

- SPAC Inquiry - allows GM Dealership End Users to query for submitted SPAC (Service Parts Assistance Center) cases, and find out details about the status of the SPAC case.

- Parts Invoice ebXML - GM sends the parts daily invoice financial data, along with the weekly, monthly summary and monthly detail invoice data to the XSELLERATOR DMS on a scheduled basis. XSELLERATOR processes the data into reports that can be viewed or printed by the dealership's parts department.

- Parts Shipment ebXML - on a scheduled basis, GM will push Advise of Shipment data to the dealer via GMNA Exchange. XSELLERATOR will receive and process the data giving the user the ability to view and print the reports.
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