Slovenia to adopt ebMS3 for Secure e-Delivery in Public Administration

Slovenian courts are successfully using secure e-delivery since 2011, with the number of electronically delivered court documents constantly rising (1,3 million delivered court writs in 2015).
Currently they are using their own protocol (and corresponding XML schemas).  However, in 2014 it was decided to develop a new e-delivery system, capable of introducing secure e-delivery to other areas of public administration, not only limited to judiciary.
It is their IT policy/strategy to preferably use open standards for information interchange, and for their purpose the OASIS ebMS standard seemed perfect.  
The fact that it was chosen by some LSP's (e-Codex and e-Sens) for the same purpose was an additional incentive.
The primary goal with the new e-delivery system was to find an common understanding (and hopefully an agreement) within Slovenian public administration on what and how to use secure e-delivery, while providing a common platform for secure e-delivery.
To further encourage the use of the new system country-wide, the Slovenian government also developed a demo implementation of the system and published everything under the EUPL license.
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