Think Web Services B2B Is Too Complex? Join the Drummond Group Webinar on AS4 - Feb 25th

Think Web Services B2B Is Too Complex?  Having Trouble Getting Two Different Web Services Apps To Interoperate? Do You Have To Be a Fortune 500 Company To Use Web Services? Drummond Group Announces A Webinar on the NEW Web Services B2B Messaging Standard that Addresses these Problems


Austin, TX, Feb 17, 2009.  Drummond Group, the trusted source for test lab services and software interoperability, invites you to attend a free webinar explaining a new B2B messaging specification called AS4.  Because AS4 is a subset of ebMS 3.0, it represents a simplified way to securely exchange business documents using Web Services.  The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, February 25th at 0900 PST/1100 CST/1200 EST.


Web Services has been widely used in Fortune 500 companies with both external customers and internal systems, but there is now a drive to utilize Web Services in business-to-business communication.  With that push comes the challenge of getting a complex technology to interoperate throughout the supply chain not only for the big guys, but the small guys, too.  The purpose of AS4 is to meet these challenges head-on using the lessons learned from the highly successful messaging standard, AS2


“We are excited to see the AS4 standard come to fruition,” says Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group. “In the spring of 2007, Drummond Group invited a group of interested vendors to explore what Web Services B2B would look like.  Axway, Sterling, Cisco, Extol and others, participated in those early conversations.  After our initial work, we handed the work over to OASIS last year leveraging the ebMS 3.0 specification as a baseline.  We look forward to explaining the details of this important standard on this upcoming webinar.”


Come learn how AS4 addresses both big and small business B2B needs, along with an overview of this important new standard.



Date: Wednesday Feb 25th

Time:  0900 PST/1100 CST/1200 EST

Register:  Send email to

No cost to attend.

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