WLR3 Portal Becomes Integral Part of the Webswell telConnect Enterprise Edition

Webswell UK Ltd. releases a web-based portal solution within the Webswell telConnect B2B platform. The new WLR3Portal (in its version 1.2) now becomes part of the telConnect Enterprise Edition v. 2.5. The WLR3Portal allows , apart from managing and browsing wlr3 traffic passed through the telConnect framework, also manual construction of valid wlr3 documents. This approach is ideal for small Communications Providers that do not need or that cannot afford pricey automated integration with their back-ends.

Webswell telConnect is an integration suite dedicated for UK-based Communications Providers that wish to migrate to BT Openreach WLR3. It allows to build a new integration solution or to migrate seamlessly from previous protocol WLR2. Openreach has been asking all Communications Providers to migrate to WLR3 platform in order to make the wholesale line rental services automated while reducing the support of WLR2 by 2010.
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