Xenos Named ‘Medallist’ at 2008 BCS IT Industry Awards

Industry peers recognise the first large-scale deployment of ebXML for the Norwegian e-Health Infrastructure. Xenos Group Inc today announced that it has been named a medallist at the 2008 British Computer Society (BCS) IT Industry Awards. Xenos was recognised for its work providing the secure transfer of data over public networks between 3,000 doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV).

Xenos’ terminalONE TransportTM technology has been instrumental in NAV’s work to upgrade the communications infrastructure used to connect to its business partners. The initiative is the first large-scale commercial deployment of the ebXML ‘open’ standard, with the resulting Norwegian e-Health Infrastructure replacing the paper-based payments system. It has reduced transaction costs by using public networks while maximising security and the validity of transactions.

“We are honoured to be commended by leaders and peers in the industry for what has been a rewarding venture for Xenos,” said Jeff Mills, Managing Director, Xenos EMEA. “This initiative is a great example of the commercial application of a freely available standard and how it can be used effectively in a mission-critical environment once it is in a commercially supportable form.”

A large contributor to the success of the project has been the ongoing relationship between the Xenos team in Norway and NAV. Together a cost-effective solution was found in replacing the proprietary networks and will culminate in the replacement of 17 million paper-based transactions with electronic transmission of prescriptions.

The BCS IT Industry Awards, supported by Intellect and NCC, are the leading hallmark of success amongst practitioners today. The cross industry awards form a central element to the BCS’ professionalism in IT initiative and recognise, promote and acclaim excellence, professionalism, innovation and the outstanding achievements to which individuals and groups contribute.

“The winners and medallists in this year’s Awards are examples of best practice and professionalism and reflect the fact that technology is an integral and expected part of everyday life and is at the heart of literally every business,” said David Clarke, Chief Executive of BCS. “In the current economic situation it is rewarding to see that IT is continuing to lead through innovation and deliver real business benefits.”

Xenos terminalONE TransportTM is a J2EE software component that enables reliable and secure end-to-end exchange of data over the Internet. It provides a full ebXML Messaging 2.0 implementation, including support for the reliable messaging and security modules. Public Key Infrastructure can be used both at the SSL/TLS transport level, to provide client and server authentication, and at the message content level. For per-partner configuration, the software uses the Collaboration Protocol Agreements (CPA) mechanism. This mechanism is also defined in the ebXML framework and allows interoperability across ebXML implementations.

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