OASIS Forms ebXML Registry REST Subcommittee

Participants in the OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee have created a new ebXML Registry REST Subcommittee. In keeping with the TC Charter focus on developing future versions of the OASIS ebXML Registry Specifications with consideration of related technologies adopted by other forums, the REST Subcommittee will develop a specification document to allow implementers to develop a complimentary optional REST-based interface for Registry.  The REST support will follow the REST principles. This will not replace the existing interface, but augment the access methods that Registry can support based on the existing RIM and APIs. The SC will first formalize the scope and use cases to be addressed using REST-based interfacing and then develop formal mechanisms and specification details to implement that. This will be tailored to ensure focus on rapidly attainable results. The goal will be to support a limited common set of use cases, rather than an extended set.
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