Automated Document Transfer between the DBKK Health Insurance Company and their Business Partners

The German Health Insurance company Deutsche Betriebskrankenkasse (DBKK) has implemented the application Electronic Platform for Medical Aids (EHP), which manages the organisation of business processes between the insurance company and their suppliers. In particular it handles the workflow for the order and delivery of medical devices and aids from medical technology companies. The process includes:
  • accept prescriptions for medical aids
  • research medical aid products
  • deliver and receive cost estimates from contract and cooperation partners
  • approve requests for medical aids
  • control shipment of medical aid products
  • functionalities for quality control of the business process
A major aspect of the business process is the exchange of documents between the partners. A project was initiated to upgrade the document exchange with the primary goal to move away from inefficient approaches, such as fax-transmissions, snail mail or orders by phone to a unified system for all partners based on the transfer of documents via Message Handling Service with ebXML (ebMS v2).

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