Practical solutions for eBusiness

The global eBusiness domain presents challenges for open standards and technology as the landscape is diverse, widely distributed and heterogeneous.  That it important to understand in the the standards that are developed and their integration into products, services and solutions. 

That focus on the eBusiness environment and business needs translated into standards and technology has been a mainstay for the open standards borne from the original ebXML framework Collaboration Protocol Agreements, Messaging, Registry/Repository and Business Process.

Today, they've progressed to integrate, complement and compose with emerging specifications and standards to accommodate the practical realities of global eBusiness.

Take some time to listen to the webinar replays held recently to see how that lifecycle of need, standards development, adoption and feedback has resulted in the evolution, use and promotion of these important OASIS standards.

The replays can be found on the OASIS Events site. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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