Norway’s Largest Government Agency Wins IDG’s InfoWorld 100 Award for ebXML Messaging Solution with Xenos terminalONE

Xenos Group Inc. announced that its Xenos terminalONE Transport™ customer, the Norwegian Directorate of Labour and Welfare (NAV), was named a winner in the healthcare category of the InfoWorld 100 awards for 2006. The annual InfoWorld 100 awards honour the most innovative and cutting-edge implementations of enterprise technology to further business goals. Winners were formally announced in the 13th November 2006 print edition of InfoWorld.

The National Insurance Administration (formerly called Trygdeetaten) is the largest institution under the Norwegian Directorate of Labour and Welfare (NAV) and is responsible for healthcare, old age and disability pensions, and unemployment benefits. NAV initiated a project to replace the proprietary EDI-based communications e-health infrastructure it used to connect to its business partners with one based on open standards.

NAV implemented the Xenos terminalONE Transport software to provide reliable, secure internet based exchange of prescription and reimbursement information between the NIA organisation and 3,000 doctors' offices, pharmacies and hospital organisations. To date it has transported millions of ebXML messages corresponding to transactions totalling well over 10 billion Norwegian Kroner (equivalent to 1.2 billion Euro, or 1.5 billion USD) making it one of the largest ebXML implementations in the world.

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