Drummond Group Certifies Xenos terminalONE Transport v2.3 as OASIS ebXML Message Service v2.0 Interoperable

Xenos Group Inc., a leading provider of solutions that capture, transform, transport and present data and electronic documents, announced that Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) has certified Xenos terminalONE Transport v2.3 software as "ebMS Interoperable".

ebMS (ebXML Message Service) is the messaging layer of the ebXML framework. ebMS version 2.0 is an important standard that enables secure and reliable internet data interchange and is complementary to emerging Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs). The purpose of this test is to provide software vendors a neutral venue to test interoperability of ebMS v2.0 products in a non-competitive environment with the goal to accelerate adoption of high quality ebMS v2.0 deployments. ebMS adoption is growing in the automobile sector, as well as in the U.S. public health industry, major government projects in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Norway and energy trading applications across the European Union. In DGI's ebMS 4Q06 2006 test round, five software companies demonstrated their products' interoperability and were certified.

"These innovative, interoperable products based on the ebMS standard successfully passed the certification test round designed by the Drummond Certified program so companies can be more efficient and communicate better with their supply chains at all levels," said Rik Drummond, DGI's chief executive officer. "This empowers software companies to deliver a variety of new, interoperable software products designed to enrich business and trading partner relationships worldwide."
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