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This is the official community gathering place and information resource for ebXML, the modular suite of standards advanced by OASIS and UNCEFACT and approved as ISO 15000. ebXML enables enterprises of any size and in any geographical location to conduct business over the Internet. This is a community-driven site, and the public is encouraged to contribute content.

ETSI ebXML B2B plugtest

Sofia Antipolis, France
7 Jul 2008 - 10:00 - 11 Jul 2008 - 16:00
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eLife Coupler: ebXML Messaging made very easy!


eLife Coupler allows applications of two organizations to properly process the documents exchanged between them in ebXML. These documents may be purchase orders, invoices, customs declarations or insurance contracts, to name just a few examples. An example for a sector-specific standard ebXML format is papiNet® (see www.papiNET.org )

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  • ebXML guru
  • Pim van der Eijk
  • ebXMLforum news

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Webswell Connect 2.1: AS2, SOA, and ebXML Integration Tool

After several beta releases, the Webswell Connect 2.1.0, an open source SOA, ebXML, and AS2 integration tool, has been finally released. Compared to previous versions the new release has the following new features:


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OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Version 3.0: Part 1, Core Features Submitted for OASIS Standard

OASIS Members:

The OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Technical Committee has submitted the following specification set, which is an approved Committee Specification, to be considered as an OASIS Standard:

OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Version 3.0: Part 1, Core Features

The text of the TC submission is appended.

You now have until 15 August to familiarize yourself with the submission and provide input to your organization's voting representative.

In addition, the TC is providing another document to facilitate familiarization (this document is not part of the official package and is


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