Drummond Group AS4 White Paper: Web Services B2B

AS4, a new Web Services messaging standard, defines a simplified approach to securely exchanging business documents using Web Services. It is a profile of the OASIS ebMS 3.0 specification and has evolved over the last two years through work done by the leading business to business messaging software companies and Drummond Group.

The challenge for the adoption of secure inter-business communication using Web Services is the complexity of options and the lack of interoperability between products. AS4 simplifies the technical approach to Web Services B2B by merging the best aspects of one of the most successful Internet messaging standards, AS2, with the Web services-centric nature of ebMS 3.0. The white paper explains the business benefits of AS4 for both users and implementers along with a technical overview of the specification and the technology framework that supports it.

For free download of Drummond Group white paper, go to http://www.drummondgroup.com/html-v2/register-as4paper.html


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