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XML invoice structure


Looking in ebxml i stood with a doubt of which should be a xml inoive structure to use with ebxml.
I'll be thankfull if you can help me.

Rosa Wemans

Common business processes found on ebXML

I have been refering to this document
(>Technical Reports <> >Catalog of Common
Business Processes v1.0).

However, i realise that this document is written in 2001. May I know where can i refer to for a more updated version of common business processes? Is there a similar new list like the one listed above?

Who is using ebXML?

ebXML is being used around the globe by a wide variety of industries. Review (and add to) the list of deployments and learn more about available

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Are there royalty fees for the use of ebXML?

OASIS provides ebXML specifications free of charge. There are no royalties or fees associated with the use of the ebXML specifications. Openness of the ebXML specifications is a requirement in order t

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What development environments does ebXML support?

ebXML was designed to be independent of equipment, software platforms or communication networks. As long as a system supports standard Internet transport protocols and XML, it should also support ebXM

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