IBM Websphere adds native support for ebXML Messaging and CPA

The latest release of IBM Websphere Partner Gateway has added native support for ebXML Messaging and CPA. The following excerpt is from What's new in V6.1 - Detail: ebXML Messaging Service (ebMS) 2.0 used in Canada, Europe, and Asia, and in healthcare and auto industries, and support for the ebMS 2.0 Basic Profile
ebMS 2.0 XML Encryption Profile, designed to test message-based encryption. The technical details of this profile are based on requirements and methods originally defined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which uses ebMS in its Public Health Information Network applications
ebMS 2.0 Automotive Retail Profile, based upon requirements and recommendations from the STAR consortium (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail), which includes testing of gzip-based compression
ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement (CPPA), which supports the import of CPPAs to automate the exchange and implementation of structured trading partner agreements

Would it not be prudent to also support the "native" creation and export of CPAs?    Is it normal for these functions to be handled by 3rd party tools?      What do other vendors provide in this area in terms of a complete solution?    Your comments would be appreciated!

Hello Marty,

There have been some tools to create CPAs, and some vendors have a nice  user interface to  configure partners.  Many projects use CPA templates, where the main CPA XML structure is fixed except for some variables. Partners then only need to supply values for those variables.

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