ebXML 3 and AS4 products and training



I have been trying to find commerical products which support ebXML 3 and AS4.  Also I have been searching for training courses.  Does anyone here have any ideas?



Thanks, I am looking into that now.

Drummond Group has hosted an AS4 training program for several years now.  Go to 


for more information. 

If we can find a product to perform the service we need (ebXML 3 and AS4 (light client)), we would need training to setup/use that.  Otherwise we would need training to create a system of our own.

I have already contacted Fujitsu about Interstage.  I tried calling their sales team but they had never heard of ebXML/ebMS/AS and couldn't pass me on to anyone else.  They had advised me to fill in a webform and I am waiting to hear back.

I tried calling IBM.  Was on the phone for about two hours being shuffled between sales and support teams.  None of them had heard about the standards either and some of them hadn't heard of the products I was mentioning.

I can find references for WebSphere supporting ebMS 2 but not ebMS 3.  There is a news article on this site stating that Sterling B2B Integrator supports AS4 but when I look on the product webpage I can find references to AS2 and AS3 but not AS4.

eLife Coupler and Cubicle according to the information on their website support AS2, not AS4.

I am a little wary of JEITA as it might be difficult to get support for.

Jentrata supports ebXML 2.0 MSH and AS2.  I have emailed Base2Services asking if they know if support for the newer standards is going to be added to it.

The TC is sponsered by Fujistu, Axway and Cisco.  Axway supports ebMS v2 and AS3.  Cisco support v2 as well.

I have tried contacting a number of consultants as well.  There is a firm based in England called SAA consultants which has a product and training for AS2.  I am hoping that they will be moving up to AS4 soon.

As stumbling across useful questions without any answers on other forums was annoying I thought I'd update my post. 


IBM have gotten back to me.  They do not have a product which implements AS4 and in the short term they have no plans to support it.  Medium to long term have still to be decided.


Fujitsu have emailed me back to say Interstage does support AS4. 

As a start,  you could contact the companies that participate in the OASIS ebXML Messaging TC,  there are five implementations though not all are in shipping products. 

What kind of training are you looking for?  


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