Flexible XML Validation Framework using OASIS CAM approach

An approach for XML Validation using OASIS Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) templates to support a wide array of complex message exchanges with business partners using B2B or B2C business patterns. The CAM templates simplify and externalize the validation rules while allowing the gateway to act as a pass-through on information that is not directly relevant.

The most common way to implement the needed validation logic in a Web service and its associated XML applications is to write custom code; as a result, the validation rules are buried inside the applications and cannot be easily adapted, documented, or shared. 

By contrast the OASIS CAM template approach is based on a simple approach to XML content handling and validation that allows businesses to create common interchange models for their exchanges in XML. CAM templates support context-based rules, code-lists, and cross-field validations. 

The full article on IBM DeveloperWorks describing a practical implementation using STAR BODs for automotive repair parts supplychain exchanges is available here:


May 2010. 

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