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Need to integrate JSON and XML? New CAMeditor v3.0 has the answers


Need to handle JSON exchanges? The CAM editor and designer, the CAMV validation and the Open-XDX open data toolset now all support JSON. A quick video available on this is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7-JlYGsjEc

Need extended rule handling - see the COBie Smart Building Corp of Engineers example:


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CAMeditor video tutorial of XML exchange building

The latest CAM editor release showcases the ability to build XML exchanges from XML canonical dictionary components using ebXML CCTS-based techniques.

 The online video tutorial walks through the steps using an OASIS HAVE Hospital Management example exchange schema and the NIEM core dictionary. Illustrating adding additional Aircraft components from the NIEM domain to the OASIS HAVE exchange.

The video takes 8 minutes to review and requires any email address to access.


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XML exchange design with drag and drop components

The new CAM editor v2.0 features drag and drop component selection for designing XML exchange structures from dictionary components.  The dictionary component format is consistent with the ebXML CCTS business entity objects approach.  The dictionaries can be configured into domain collections to suite particular industry needs.  A NIEM collection of dictionaries is available by default with the CAM editor download.

For more information see the CAM editor Sourceforge resource site.


New CAMeditor v1.7 with NIEM 2.1 and LEXS 3.1.4 support

The CAM editor toolkit implements the OASIS CAM standard. 

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IBM Datapower XB60 support for ebXML v2.0

IBM have announced availability of the following enhancements for their DataPower devices. The DataPower device provides firmware accelerated handling of XML and xslt along with secure communications, routing and certificate management. To the already impressive specifications is now add ebXML too for B2B applications; WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB60 enhancements include·                                 Updated B2B protocol support with the addition of ebMS v2.0·                                 B2B interoperability through the completion of Drummond

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