New CAMeditor v1.7 with NIEM 2.1 and LEXS 3.1.4 support

The CAM editor toolkit implements the OASIS CAM standard. 

This release completes the series of 2009 releases and consolidates 3 months of development work on both CAMV validator engine and the CAMeditor tools. 

For the CAMeditor significant changes include improvements to the Eclipse user interface and template structure display along with enhancing the top down designer and generation and handling of large dictionary structures. Also included is a new LEXS 3.1.4 dictionary with sample expander blueprint templates for LEXS messages and updates of the NIEM dictionary files to the NIEM 2.1 release. Various NIEM related enhancements have been made in support of better IEPD generation ( ). CAMeditor is built using Eclipse, Java, and Saxon xslt. 

The CAMV validation engine is now a thread-safe implementation supporting deployment in middleware containers such as jBOSS or IBM Websphere MQ™. Validation of exchange structures now allows handling of very large XML instances with checking of a discreet subset of business content requirements. Also integration support for Java call methods (SDOM) has been implemented (CAMV is developed in Java using Saxon, Xerces and XPath v2.0 support). 

The project vision is to provide the leading open source toolset for implementing standards based information exchanges with XML, including the NIEM IEPD approach. Simplifying and speeding the development process and enhancing the quality of your resulting schema for superior XML exchanges. To date we have had over 15,500 downloads from ( ). 

Here’s wishing everyone a Very Happy Holiday Season and all success in 2010 for your XML projects. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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