Blogging guidelines

No matter what level of expertise you have with ebXML, we encourage you to create a blog on this site.

Create an ebXML Blog if your primary objective is to provide an ongoing journal to:
  • share your personal opinions and perspectives
  • relate your implementation experiences
  • provide updates from committee or user group meetings
  • recap conference presentations or webinars
Do not use Blogs if your primary objective is to:

Inappropriate blogs will be removed from this site.

Naming your blog

You may designate a special name for your blog by editing your ebXML profile. If you don't designate a blog name, your userid will be the default.

To name your blog, simply log in, click on your userid in the upper right corner, select the "Edit" tab, and complete the "Blog title" field at the bottom of the page.

Each post you make to your blog will be published under its own title and under your blog name.


Optionally, you may associate each of your blog posts with one or more subject tags. Tags can contain multiple words and should begin with a capital letter.

Blogs hosted on other sites

If you write or can recommend an ebXML-related blog hosted on another site, please add a link from our Blogroll page.


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