OASIS ebXML Rome Workshop

Rome, Italy
21 Apr 2008 - 09:00 - 12:30
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On 21 April, OASIS will present a half-day ebXML Workshop in conjunction with the UBL International Conference in Rome, Italy. The workshop will explore some of the latest ebXML deployments, discuss synergies between ebXML and UBL, and provide an overview of the current state of the ebXML OASIS Standards. There is no charge to attend this workshop; however, UBL International Conference registration is required.



This event will:
- Provide an overview of the OASIS ebXML standards and an update of the latest (and upcoming) developments
- Explain the synergies between ebXML and UBL, and show that ebXML is the B2B infrastructure of choice for UBL projects
- Highlight case studies of end user adoption, including some of the largest messaging systems in the world
- Show an innovative use of ebXML to support tracking and tracing of food
- Discuss various ebXML projects in textile-clothing, tiles, agrofood and mechanical industry in Italy, and ebXML software developed in them
- Feature a demonstration of the new ebXML Messaging 3.0 standard, which delivers the long-awaited convergence of ebXML and Web Services and provides innovative features to support small and medium size organisations

And much more...

Who should attend?
- End users involved in projects on the electronic exchange of business documents in a B2B, B2G or G2G context, looking to learn how modern ebXML standards and technologies can support their requirements
- Consultants, project managers, architects, standards experts that support these projects or advise decision makers.
- IT professionals involved in B2B integration projects or SOA projects (who are evaluating standards, technical framework and technologies to support their needs)

The event is of particular interest to users of UBL, and will show how UBL documents can be exchanged using the robust, reliable, secure, and proven ebXML standards.


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The presentations at this workshop are available from




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