Broken links in ebXML Messaging Services Version 3.0 Part 1

It's a minor point but I noticed that all the links which contain the directory /ns/ no longer work as that directory is no longer on the website.

Thanks Pim, I wasn't aware about /ns.  Thanks for clearing that up. 



I noticed too that that table of contents is incorrect.  The page numbers don't corrospond to the entries in the document.  Also the entire appendix I. revision history is missing.



The URIs with "/ns" in them are intended as identifiers for use in SOAP XML, not as hyperlinks.  Other standards do this too. 

It would be nice if OASIS could add pages with these identifiers that explain this.  Just like IANA/IETF has a page for the "" domain.

As for the table of contents:  the revision history is removed when a specification becomes OASIS Standard.  Apparently the ToC was not regenerated to reflect this.

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