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is anyone using Holodeck B2B messaging platform?  Am trying to get it up and running at the moment.  Having to make alot of changes to the setup so that it matches our deployment platform.


Yes,  I know various people are using Holodeck.    You could contact the current maintainers (http://holodeck-b2b.sourceforge.net/docs/team-list.html) directly.    You may get a response by posting to ebXML-Dev, http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-dev/, more people may respond.

Out of curiosity,  what is your deployment platform?   




Hi Pim,


we have been trying to get Holodeck to work on Axis2 1.6.1 and Rampart 1.6.1 but have been encountering some issues.  While we can get the push and pull messages to be added to the database they are not being sent on from there.  We may have to settle for using the older versions until we figure out what's going wrong.  


I have searched through the archive on ebxml.org but didn't find anything that seemed relevant to modification of Holodeck B2B.  The organisation I work for is not an Oasis member so I don't feel comfortable trying to email the list with problems that don't seem directly related to the actual standards.  I have emailed the Holodeck B2B development team to ask if they have tried this in the past.  They may be able to shed some light on the situation. 


we'll probably be using a later version of tomcat and axis than Holodeck comes bundled with and MS SQL rather than derby. 

It's nice to know that other people are using it.  I didn't have any bother getting push messaging to work but am still trying to get pull to work correctly.  The tutorials on the holodeck website don't match the binary download (though they do match what is in the latest source code on sourceforge).  Hoping that once I get all my setup issues resolved it will be plain sailing from there.



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