Repeating or regular transations?

Please forgive a newbie question, but I can't find the answer.

I am looking to implement a system where suppliers commit to regularly providing data to their customers. Is it possible to set up CPPs and a CPA to include the requirement for repeating information? Everything I have seen has shown a single transaction within the protocols.


The sort of thing I would like to do is:



    • Request information x,y & z every 12 months, information a & b every quarter 




    • Accepts the requests for x,y & z but offers a & b every 6 months 


Is this within the scope of ebXML? 

In CPP and CPA the scope is really a message exchange in  business transaction.  A CPP/CPA may be linked to a business process definition, where you can define scenario, e.g. that an order is to be followed within some interval by an order response, and where you can relate a transaction (like ordering) to other transactions (like order cancellations).  I think your use case is better handled at another  (e.g. BAM) layer.


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