Which CCTS Specification should I use?

Hello everybody.

I'm investigating about ebXML and after some weeks I managed to convince my bosses in order to adopt ebXML framework. Now we are diving into more deep investigations but I have a doubt. I've found the version 3.0 of the UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification (http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2007-04-20-a.html) but the ISO-1500, called ebXML CCTS is in version 2.01 (you can see it in the references in the previous url; and also made by the UN/CEFACT). I also found some differences between these documents. So, if we intend to adopt ebXML in our project which document should we use? The 2.01 of ebXML CCTS (ISO 15000-5) or the 3.0 of CCTS?

We are quite lost between so many documents! ;)

Sorry for my English and thanks in advance.


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