ebXML Component Dependencies

Hello list

I'm looking at ebXML viability for adoption as a messaging standard in a health sector.  I have some questions, in particular with ebXML-MS messaging, where we have some requirements I need to be assured can be met.

  • For small sized participants in the sector, peer to peer messaging (non-hub based) is required. Am I correct that ebXML-MS v3 supports this and version 2 does not?
  • What is the minimum ebXML component set that needs to be deployed for a minimal ebXML-MS based messaging solution? i.e. is the registry mandated? The context here is we simply don't need CPA's etc in the first instance - just reliable messaging (we may grow into a fully collaborative pattern later).
  • Within a messaging community, for small sized participants, what is the minimum technical commitment for message post in terms of ebXML-MS.  The context here is we undertake a lot of collections, some Web form based, some B2B where in the past we have provided a lightweight client for third party systems integration.  In terms of fulfilling this under ebXML, can the client commitment be reasonably lightweight?
  • If there is knowledge in this forum on HL7, is the v3 Web Services option and v3 ebXML option interoperable?

Thanks, Len



Hello Len,

Like Web Services protocols, ebMS is traditionally oriented towards peer-to-peer networking between organizations that can deploy an MSH (message service handler) in server mode, available most of the time.  Version 3.0 Core allows communication where one of the two endpoints only operates in "client" mode, pushing messaging to (available) servers and "pulling" messages that are ready.  The new upcoming "multihop" feature allows for intermediaries that act like servers that host mailboxes. This allows both (end-to-end) partners to be client only.  

Many ebMS products allow one to use just ebMS, without any other components.  But CPA  may look more complex than it really is.  CPA, combined with features like CPA templates, is actually very easy to manage. 

There are some products that have a "webmail"-like feature where small partners can upload/download documents from a portal, which are then forwarded as ebMS messages. Many vendors also have low-end versions of their products for small companies that want something simple to manage.

The HL7 ebMS and Web Services profiles are not interoperable as they are based on protocols that are not interoperable ..

Hope this helps !




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