Significant milestones in the development and adoption of ebXML include:

September 1999   
United Nations and OASIS Join Forces to Produce Global XML Framework for Electronic Business

December 1999
Organizations from Around the World Gather to Launch ebXML

March 2000
ebXML Initiative Releases First Technical Specifications for Public Comment

May 2000
ebXML Moves Forward on Defining Global Electronic Business Infrastructure

August 2000
ebXML Showcases Dynamic Trading Network

September 2000
ebXML Sets Standards for Electronic Trading Partner Agreements
850,000 Companies Select ebXML for New Global Commerce Internet Protocol

February 2001
ebXML Integrates SOAP Into Messaging Services Specification
ebXML Technical Architecture Specification Approved

April 2001
ebXML Messaging Services Specification Gains RosettaNet Support

May 2001
ebXML Approved: UN/CEFACT and OASIS Deliver on 18-Month Initiative

June 2001
OASIS Forms ebXML Technical Committees

July 2001
UN/CEFACT Forms e-Business Transition Ad Hoc Working Group

May 2002
ebXML Registry Approved as OASIS Standards

September 2002
ebXML Messaging Service Specification Approved As OASIS Standard

December 2002
ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement Ratified as OASIS Standard

June 2003
UN/CEFACT Plenary Endorses Latest ebXML Specifications

October 2003
ebXML Business Process Specification Advances Within OASIS

March 2004
ISO Approves ebXML OASIS Standards

April 2004
OASIS Members Advance Service Oriented Architecture Based on ebXML and Web Services

10 May 2004
UN/CEFACT and OASIS Cooperate to Strengthen Work on ebXML Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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