AS4 for B2B using Web Services

AS4: The simple formula for better B2B

B2B IntegrationB2B standards have been around for decades and are constantly evolving. As B2B standards have advanced, many organizations moved from EDI to EDIINT. As service-orientation become a key architectural principal, web services became a the recommended way for organizations to interact (API’s notwithstanding). The ebXML Messaging Services (ebMS) standard provided a path for organizations to exchange B2B documents using web services.

Now, there’s a new kid in town called AS4. One might ask if AS4 is just one better than A3. Of course, it doesn’t really work that way! Another question might be “how is this related to ebMS (ebXML Messaging Services)?”

So what is AS4?  I like to think of AS4 using this formula:
AS4 = ebMS – (extra stuff) + AS2 = better B2B


Apr 24, 2014 -  Now available: webMethods Module 9.0 for AS4

Software AG is pleased to introduce the webMethods Module 9.0 for AS4. Built on top of the webMethods product suite, the webMethods Module for AS4 extends webMethods capabilities to provide an implementation of the AS4 ebHandler conformance profile specified in the AS4 Profile. The module facilitates the secure exchange of messages, independent of payload type, across your trading network.

The webMethods Module for AS4 provides the following key features:

  • Support for Push and Pull Messages
  • Security
  • Reception Awareness
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Compression
  • Error Handling
  • Message Splitting and Joining
  • Support for handling large messages

You can learn more about this release by reading the latest documentation available in the webMethods area of the Software AG Documentation web site Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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