EU e-SENS AS4 Conformance Test Event

The European large scale project e-SENS will hold its first test session open for non-project participants from December 1st to January 31th 2016. 

Gateway vendors that already support the e-SENS/AS4 profile are invited to conformance test their e-Delivery solution based on current 48 test assertions that cover the full e-SENS/AS4 profile functionality.

Participation is currently free of charge but participants have to enroll until December 18th.

The test will be run by the newly developed integrated testbed called Minder  that has also been chosen by the e-Delivery DSI.  This open-source technology is  a ‘one-stop shop’ test environment for e-SENS implementations.

It is expected that the participants integrate their backend communication to the system with respect to the detailed documentation and PModes provided by the Minder AS4 Conformance Bridge.

As a result the successful participants will receive a test protocol proving  the e-SENS/AS4 compliance of their gateways and will be presented at the e-SENS and Joinup internet sites.

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