Open source CPA toolkit

The Justitiële Informatiedienst in Almelo, the Netherlands, has released the toolkit that it developed to support management of ebXML Collaboration Protocol Agreements (CPAs) under an open source (EUPL) license. The toolkit, and previous versions of it, have been used to create and manage the CPAs for organizations in various government sectors in the Netherlands.  Hundreds of millions of ebXML messages have been exchanged based on CPAs created using the toolkit. 

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The CPA Creation Toolkit is a web-based application to easily create a Collaboration Protocol Agreement (CPA). A CPA document is an XML based document that describes the formal relationship between two parties, specifying an ebMS trading agreement between trading partners. The following information will typically be contained in a CPA document:

  • Identification information: the unique identifiers for each party and their roles within the trading relationship
  • Security information: for instance, are digital signatures required, and what algorithms do they use
  • Communication information: the protocols that will be used when exchanging documents
  • Endpoint locations: the URL, service and action messages should be sent to
  • Rules to follow when acknowledgments are not received for messages, including how long to wait before resending, and how many times to resend
  • Whether duplicate messages should be ignored
  • Whether acknowledgments are required for all messages.


Version 4.0 of the CPA Creation Toolkit features:

  • CPA creation
  • CPA, Services and Participants Repository
  • ebBP specification import/transformation to Simple Message Format (SMF)
  • Excel import/transformation to Simple Message Format (SMF)
  • Transform certficates to XMLDSig KeyInfo
  • Generate Message Meta Data (MMD) files
  • Adjust CPA for SSL-offloading
  • XML Schema Definition (XSD) of services and participants
  • Documentation, examples, templates.

Future plans

The CPA Creation Toolkit version 4.0 has recently been released and fits our purpose. Please share your ideas of missing/new features. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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