Figuring out WSDL interoperability nuances - time for ebXML?

Seems that the more things change - the more they stay the same.  While WSDL provides a lightweight collaboration model - getting those WSDL definitions to match can sometimes be quite a challenge.

And to make it tricker - XML syntax, namespace and xsd issues can make it even tougher.

The classic soap:body baffling error for example - "Element 'soap:body' must have no character or element information item [children], because the type's content type is empty".

Which is caused by having a non-empty

<soap:body namespace="urn:12345"  use="iteral"> <!-- this is not empty! -->


instead of the correct <soap:body namespace="urn:12345" use="literal"/>

Tough to spot such subtlies - but you may want to try the consistent approach for SOAP interactions using reliable ebXML messaging instead!

There are now plenty of choices from IBM, Oracle, Axway, Webswell and more, while 3 OSS solutions from CECID H2O, NexusE2E and OrionSMG complete the picture.

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