OASIS Standards for e-Business Interoperability

This presentation gives an overview of OASIS Standards supporting e-Business interoperability. The European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and the EBIF e-business roadmap define three levels of interoperability: technical, semantic and organization. In meeting these interoperability requirements, various patterns of e-business integration can be distinguished. Web Services and ebXML can be viewed as solutions focussed on two of these patterns.

With the upcoming ebXML Messaging services, version 3, which in fact is a Web Services specification that composes with (and like) other Web Services specifications, ebXML converges with Web Services. This means that the achievements of ebXML now become available for use in a Web Services context and that the Web Services versus ebXML debate is now a moot issue. This will also facilitate the adoption of innovative work from the ebXML world, in particular the recent ebBP standard, in industries with complex choreographed message exchanges.

This presentation was delivered at the January 2007 conference of the European e-Business Interoperability Forum in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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