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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for ebXML.

On-line Tool to Generate and Evaluate ebCore Party Identifiers

From the Web site: 

CYBER-IDENTITY is key to the further development of the electronic world.

UNIQUE BUSINESS IDENTIFIERS based on international standard identifier schemes and their registries are fundamentally important for eBusiness and eGovernment.

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OAGIS BODs using ebXML Messaging version 3.0 and AS4

A blog posting by David Connelly, CEO at Open Applications Group, on the joint OAGi and OASIS webinar highlighting OAGIS BODs using the AS4 profile.


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eBIZ-TCF: ebXML in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors in Europe

Why the eBIZ project? Harmonising e-Business processes and data exchanges for SMEs in the textile/clothing and footwear sectors in the Single Market 

In an increasingly complex and fast-changing trade/economic environment, the fashion and footwear industries requires fast time-to-market reaction. Standards and agreed reference architectures allow suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to connect their businesses within the value chain. Despite lot of initiatives in the fashion industry, standardisation and widespread adoption by users is still lacking… 

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ebXML Asia

The ebXML Asia Committee, jointly initiated by KIEC (Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce), ECOM (Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan), and TCA (Taipei Computer Association), is the congregation of EC/EB experts with the mandate to spread ebXML in the Asian region. The Terms of Reference provides guidelines for the activities and organizational matters of the Committee. The work items of the committee shall be developed in accordance
with the Terms of Reference.

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ebXML as a national standard in China

The ebXML Architecture spec was adopted as a Chinese National Standard in 2003, the number is GB/T 19256.1-2003. It can be found at the Standardization Administration of China.

The ebMS, CC, RegRep, BPSS, and CPP/A have all passed expert review and been forwarded to an agency known as the SAC for approval.

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