On-line Tool to Generate and Evaluate ebCore Party Identifiers

From the Web site: 

CYBER-IDENTITY is key to the further development of the electronic world.

UNIQUE BUSINESS IDENTIFIERS based on international standard identifier schemes and their registries are fundamentally important for eBusiness and eGovernment.

This website provides ways and means for the broadest possible usage of international, official national and industry-specific identifier schemes. Basis is a uniform approach of representing current unique business identifiers in structured eBusiness messages and protocols to develop interoperability among different eBusiness systems, i.e. to use different existing identifier schemes in the same structured eBusiness message chain.

One cornerstone is the usage of a common umbrella for these identifiers, a so called registered URN (Uniform Resource Name). 

With the online form below you can create such a URN – be it one for your company or one for a trading partner.

The site also offers a way to retrieve information on companies based on particular ebCore Party Identifiers.



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