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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for ebXML.

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Drummond Group AS4 White Paper: Web Services B2B

AS4, a new Web Services messaging standard, defines a simplified approach to securely exchanging business documents using Web Services. It is a profile of the OASIS ebMS 3.0 specification and has evolved over the last two years through work done by the leading business to business messaging software companies and Drummond Group.

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ebXML Registry Overview

This succint overview is an excellent way to get familiar with the OASIS ebXML Registry standard.
It is constantly updated and has useful link to other topics and resources related to ebXML Registry.

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GS1 eCom Technology Group: AS4 Web Services for B2B Communications

Connectivity to small and medium-sized companies that cannot afford, or lack the skills, to operate an AS2 messaging gateway server successfully, remains a challenge for many companies.  Recently, the new AS4 B2B protocol was developed.  It has all the functionality that AS2 offers today, but also provides better support for SMEs and is based on more modern Web Services technology.

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The Framework for eBusiness

By the OASIS ebXML Joint Committee
This white paper provides an overview of the ebXML specifications and their relevance. Adoption detail is included. Produced by members of OASIS, this document provides a useful background for those considering implementing the ebXML technology and/or hybrid approaches.

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