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Sending ebMS 3.0 UserMessage to multiple destinations (multicast pattern)

Hello everybody,

I am rather new to ebMS and ebXML, but I'm looking if it can be used to work out a project of us.  One of the patterns we have to support is to have MessageProducers sending a message that needs to be routed by the MSH to one or more MessageReceivers (something like a multicast). 

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ebMS 3.0 AS4 compliance testsuites

Hello Community,

I implemented support for ebMS 3.0 AS4 profile for my application. Now I got to check that my implementation complies with ebMS 3.0 AS profile specification. So the question is.


I there any public test cases I can check my implementation against to make sure it complies with the specification.




Broken links in ebXML Messaging Services Version 3.0 Part 1

It's a minor point but I noticed that all the links which contain the directory /ns/ no longer work as that directory is no longer on the website.

Multiple trading partner gateway using single CPA ??

Hi All,

Can a single CPA support multiple trading partner gateways?.

For example, if trading partner's business changes and want to use another gateway to exchange B2B ebMS messages along with existing B2B gateway or a trading partner wants his two different business want to partcipate in B2B ebMS transactions!

How CPA supports such business scenario ? Is there any recommended practice?



EndPoint Type attribute use

Hi All,

Can any one explain the use of the different type attribute values?

What is the relationship between ebMS MSH signals. If we use allPurpose value does it mean all MSH signals needs to through that endPoint URL ?

My understanding that MSH Signals (i.e Ping,Pong,Acknowledgment,Error) will be sent via default Channel or the channel overriden using OverrideMshActionBinding.


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