2007: A Marquee Year for ebXML

An article summarizing the achievements in 2007 for ebXML is now available from the ebXMLforum.

Details of new tools and a whole selection of resource links are provided.

Projects and developments with ebXML in 2007 are called out along with a look ahead to 2008. 

I create user in omar/Registry Browser Java UI according to it's wizard for create user,I login with it , I see submission tab and select one object (i.e cpa) when I want save it , it show me this message
" The user urn:freebxml:registry:predefineduser:registryrequest is not authorized to perform action...."

Please help me to solve it.

Thanks alot.

Please join the freebXML Registry (omar) mailing list and post your questions related to freebXML Registry (omar) on that list.


You must first subscribe to that list at the following URL:


Thank you.

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