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CPPA3: A CPPA that supports PModes

In OASIS, there has historically been a division of labour between the various ebXML Technical Committees,  with the ebXML Messaging Services specification being responsible for the protocol and message format,  and the ebXML Collaboration Protocols and Agreement TC responsible for the CPPA (Collaboration Protocol Profile/Agreement) configuration formats.   The version 2.0 of CPPA supported ebMS 2.0 since 2004.    The CPPA TC merged with another ebXML TC to become the ebCore Technical Committee. 

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Advances in ebXML messaging: multihop, AS4

The recent OASIS eGovernment Brussels workshop: Public Finance provided a good overview of recent work on ICT solutions using SOA and Web Services in the public sector. Due to a last-minute cancellation by one of the other speakers, I had the opportunity to present some of the recent work done in the OASIS ebXML Messaging Technical Committee.

This includes some of the work done by the  AS4 subcommittee, which is working on a profile of version 3.0 of ebXML Messaging that focusses on the needs of the EDI data exchange, similar to the AS2 and other EDIINT protocols.

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Proceedings for ebXML / UBL workshop in Rome published

Now that the event has passed, OASIS has published the proceedings for the ebXML workshop at UBL International. Together, the presentations give an overview of where ebXML is today, more than eight years after the initial ebXML project started and several years after ebXML ceased to be at the "hype" stage.

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Naming conventions for documents submitted to/delivered by an ebXML message handler


A short discussion on naming conventions for XML documents submitted to, or received from, an ebXML message handler is posted to the ebXML-Dev mailing list:


Using ebXML, Messaging EDA and SOA to Implement an Interoperability Platform in a G2B Environment

 This presentation by Axway at the OASIS Open Standards forum references a large scale deployment of ebXML Messaging in Asia.  The exchange of customs documents between Thailand and the Philippines uses ebXML Messages. 

Via service providers, this link connects many  thousands of exporting and importing companies.  


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