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UK healthcare deployment: 500 ebXML Messages per second


Jagdip Grewal, Chief Technical Architect, NHS Connecting for Health, presented at the OASIS Open Standards forum in London.  Connecting for Health is a large scale deployment of ebXML Messaging.  Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions are a five hundred messages per second. This may go up to seven hundred, the audience was told.


OASIS Standard vote for ebXML Messaging version 3.0, part 1


The ballot for OASIS Standard vote for ebXML Messaging version 3.0, part 1, was passed with 81 members voting, all positive.

URL http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ballot.php?id=1372



Use of ebXML Messaging, CPA and Business Process in Netherlands government

A presentation outlining the adoption of ebXML in the Netherlands government. Initially in the criminal justice system, now also in the broader government.



The profiles of ebXML Messaging, version 2.0, used in the Criminal Justice system are online: 


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Promoting ebXML for SMEs in Japan and Asia

A presentation by Kazunori Iwasa and other people from Fujitsu at OASIS Symposium gave an overview of ongoing work on promoting e-Business and Web Services Standards to SMEs in Japan and Asia.
It gives a good insight into some of the requirements of SME supports that have been input to the upcoming ebMS3 standard.

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Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC intends to work on an ebXML profile

The successor to the OASIS Digital Signature Services TC has posted a draft charter, which lists a profile for ebXML as a candidate new profile.

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