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Product entries for Axway, Fujitsu and IBM added

In addition to multiple open source products, entries have been added to this site for a number of commercial ebXML products.

As of today, the following vendors have supplied links to product descriptions on their Web site:

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Microsoft E&D recruiting Technical Architect, ebXML experience preferred

A job posting at the Monster board indicates Microsoft's Entertainment and Design division is looking for a Senior IT SDE/Technology Architect. Interestingly, it indicates that ebXML knowledge is preferred.

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T-Mobile International ebXML case study

I'm pleased to announce that a new case study describing a production ebXML deployment at T-Mobile International has been published. More information is available at:


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UK NHS Connecting for Health use of ebXML

There was an excellent presentation on the UK National Health Service Connecting for Health project at the recent OASIS Adoption Forum in London. The presentation is available at the proceedings. Some relevant statistics on slide 11:

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Digital Signature Services using ebXML

Digital Signature Services (DSS) is a specification developed at OASIS:


It defines a protocol to request a server to digitally sign a document, or to request verification of a signature. It has bindings to HTTP and SOAP 1.2, but an ebXML Messaging binding makes sense for communities that use ebXML, and offers various benefits such as asynchronous operation and reliable messaging. I've suggested a standardized ebXML Messaging binding for DSS in the following message to the DSS TC.

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