ebMS connects youth care agencies, youth and family counselling services and child protection agencies in the Netherlands

Axway have published a case study of one of their ebMS customers, MOgroep in the Netherlands: 

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Use of ebXML in Portuguese footwear industry

A short case study has been published of a deployment of the eBIZ architecture for the textile, clothing and footwear industries.  This deployment uses ebXML Messaging based on the Hermes open source product.



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Advancing e-Business among Textile and Clothing SMEs in Greece and Hungary using UBL and ebXML 

The companies involved, their business and the eBusiness network 

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Drummond Group AS4 White Paper: Web Services B2B

AS4, a new Web Services messaging standard, defines a simplified approach to securely exchanging business documents using Web Services. It is a profile of the OASIS ebMS 3.0 specification and has evolved over the last two years through work done by the leading business to business messaging software companies and Drummond Group.

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Efficient: an open source toolset for modeling, animating and validating e-transactions

Our research center has created an open source, visual toolset for the planning, design and prototyping of electronic messages.

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